“The Black Crab Cycle”​in The Bahamas

In the Bahamas, millennials are faced with a strong mindset crisis, which affects the productivity, development, and advancement of culture in our community. The young people of today in The Bahamas are raised in an environment that urges us to be a part of the cycle, rather teaching how to overcome it.

You may ask yourself the question, “What cycle is this we are speaking about?” The Black Crab Cycle” is the revolving stereotype of limitations placed on the heads of our people on what they can accomplish, pushing a life of conformity, and not originality, pushing a life away from individualism ,a life being a part of what is already there, and not what isn’t, and how you can create it.

We are taught to believe that only certain career paths are deemed successful in our land, and it is a certain criterion you must follow, that makes up the “Bahamian ” way of life. These are as follows, 1. Graduating high school,    2. Going to college to pursue a degree in a particular field that is highly overrated, 3.Gaining employment by the government, or in the private sector at a local hotel, or establishment, 4. Fighting over the entry level or mid sector jobs, 5. Obtaining a mortgage, 6. Working for 35 years to receive a pension, and then actually beginning life when you are 60+, if you did not accumulate too much debt during the tenure of your employment days, because now you would need a side job after retirement, to pay off those bills. This is my opinion is the “Black Crab Cycle “in our community, and its start from the adolescence, the way we raise our children to think and grow.

 The” Black Crab Cycle” in the Bahamas, in my opinion is the number one form of oppression in our country towards the pillars that matter, such as education, generational wealth, and technology advancement. This cycle exists because of the way we were trained to think, “If I can’t have it, you won’t either”, and this exists because the majority, push after careers that are again deemed as “successful”, and not what they truly want to do.

If you look at the black crab locked in a cage with other crabs, the fight for them is to get out of the cage. These crabs pile in heaps on the corners of these cages and pile up on top of each other, fighting, killing, and doing whatever it takes to the crabs around it to get to the top. We are similar to these crabs, we tend to allow various jobs, and opportunities to cause to us become self-centered, having no care for the people around us, only trying to achieve the goal at hand. This behavior mixed with the cycle demonstrates how we live towards each other.

In order for us to effectively create a shift towards true progression as a whole community we must first, switch our level of thinking. We need to understand that where we are from doesn’t determine where we are going, we can accomplish greatness in any area of our choosing, and instead of fighting to be the one at the top, how about partnering together with a team, tapping into each other’s strengths and getting to the top together . It is space for everyone at the top, no need to pull others down, not support a friends business, or not offer quality advice to someone because you feel that they are ahead of you. This is even more reason to offer your expertise where someone else is lacking, this opens the door for someone to offer you where you are lacking.

In all of this we as Bahamians , and people need to stick together, and not tear down , we need a renewed thinking on life, and overall success, so that we may bring our children up away from the cycle, pushing individualism, and originality, which would benefit us as a whole community, pushing forward, upward, onward and together.

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2 years ago

Outstandingly accurate!!