Our values

Mission Statement

BAYP is an organization dedicated to tackling modern issues in The Bahamas through a diversity of content created by a community of enthusiastic young Bahamians, thereby fostering a network of our country’s future leaders.

What We Do

BAYP seeks to break away from the norm of traditional news by using critical thinking and holistic research to provide well-informed content that can be applied practically for educating the public and informing policy. In addition, our goal is to create a network of content creators that progress the role of youth in Bahamian welfare and change the way we present and discuss ideas.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to impact public policy, inspire future leaders and influence national dialogue by empowering the passions of Bahamian youth.

Digital Forum

In order to create a strong community for young professionals and intellectuals, we have decided to use our social media presence as the opportunity to host positive public discourse. We post weekly threads on our Facebook page so that anyone can comment and begin to take part in dialogue that is constructive and of a higher standard than the typical facebook post.


BAYP offers a unique platform for Bahamians to find connections and network. Have you ever wondered who has a similar passion to you and what steps they have been taking in their professional development? Well, our website contains a database of young Bahamians in each specific field and lists their accomplishments, goals and work. For example, if you are a Computer Science major, you can browse our Networking page and find Bahamians who are in your same field, look at the schools, programs and work they have been involved in, get their contact information and see work they have actually published on BAYP. This opens the door for numerous things, such as mentorship, collaborative projects and even employment opportunities


Our country has cried out for the voice of the youth, and BAYP is the platform to bridge the gap and present ideas in a tangible way. Our articles are written by our members, and are based in credible research that can directly be used by government officials, NGOs or private companies in various ways to create policy. In addition to this, our articles serve as a form of information to educate Bahamians on the issues there may be a lack of exposure. Articles cover every aspect involving The Bahamas and are the medium for young Bahamians to publish their valuable work.  

Digital Media

We understand that the content we produce may be at a high level, and we want it this way. However, we also want the ideas of our members to reach all people and we want to cater to those who do videos or podcasts. Therefore we also want to facilitate the opportunity for digital content creators to put out there work. If this pertains to you, please contact us and we would be willing to display your work if it meets our mission or producing quality, well-informed content.

Want to be a Member?

Joining BAYP and becoming a content creator is a easy, but there are requirements.

Simply submitting a potential article can be the first and easiest step to be a part of BAYP.

To submit an article or advertise please email us at:  bayp.org@outlook.com

Meet the founder.

Benjamin Grant

Benjamin Moultrie-Grant

Story In April 2018, Benjamin Moultrie-Grant, a Junior at Liberty University,  founded the Bahamas Association of Young Professionals in order to change the country and channel the ideas of young people in a format that can actual make a tangible difference. Originally as an idea to simply publish his writings, Benjamin realized the opportunity to form an amateur think tank that can help his peers. Using his networks, he has been able to form a group of driven individuals to form and maintain the organization as well as be the engine to provide content.

“As it stands right now, my goal is to be the facilitative force for young Bahamians to publish their research and writing, but I also look at how that simple goal can be expanded to cover multiple areas. We want to have a strong network and directory of young professionals, we want to foster discussions through forums, and we want to partner with media outlets and NGOs to increase our brand exposure and impact in the community.” If you want to be apart of this vision in any way, contact our founder on social media or contact us directly.